Providing Hall Rental Services Since 1928

The Murrayville Community Memorial Hall Association
is operated by Langley residents who care about the legacy and future of this historic Hall. The Hall has a “Historical” designation from the British Columbia Government and the Township of Langley. The Board of Directors must comply with governance provided by the Historical Society. The word “Memorial” in our Hall’s name is in honour of the men and women who risked their lives fighting our freedom in the First World War.

The Board of Directors are voted in at the Annual General Meeting which takes place every January.

The Board has hired an outside contractor, the Hall Manager, who takes care of the day to day running of the Hall. The duties of the Hall Manager include, interviewing potential renters and showing our facility to prospective customers. The Hall Manager also looks after the booking of the Hall, maintenance of facility and equipment among other duties.

Grateful acknowledgement to the Township of Langley for sponsoring Murrayville Hall with a grant under the “Heritage Building Incentive Program” and the “Capital Improvement Grant Program” in 2017.

For more information or to make a booking, please contact Hall Manager, Trevor at 604-506-8729


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Murrayville Hall


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