A Suitable Location For Your Film Shoot

Murrayville Hall was built in the 1920’s and has been used for many film productions over the years. The Hall is situated just east of the main intersection called Five Corners, in the quaint heritage community called Murrayville, in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia. The hall measures 38’9” wide by 59′ long of useable space. The ceilings are domed shaped and are 16’ 4” high. The stage, which is at the north end of the hall measures 15’ deep x 24’ wide with a partitioned wing off to the west side of the stage that is 8’ 8” wide x 15’ deep, for gear or word robe storage etc. Floor plan is here.

The washrooms are located at the south end, by the main entrance. Attached to the main hall, we have what we refer to as “ the small hall”, it includes a commercial grade kitchen. As well as the kitchen, this area is used for setting up the buffet tables for people to serve themselves or by a catering team to prepare for a sit down dinner that would be happening in the main hall. This room is very versatile and can be used for many different purposes. The Hall’s parking lot is on the east side of the complex and has 16 stalls and another 6 on the west side.

The adjacent property to the north is a small church that, if arranged, can take another 8 spots. Across the street from the hall there is street parking.


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Murrayville Hall


Murrayville Hall ~ 21667 48th Avenue, Langley, British Columbia