Murrayville Hall Boasts a Fully Equipped Kitchen

The Murrayville Hall kitchen was designed for the professional gourmet chef. It has two state of the art natural gas ranges combined with extra large ovens. Each of these commercial units have 6 burners along with the large ovens for you to do all your baking and roasting in. Above these units there is a commercial exhaust system along with built-in safety features like those found in fine dining restaurants.

There are two stainless tables for ease of mobility in and around around the kitchen and prep areas. We have two upright refrigerators with glass doors and included is an upright freezer. The deep sinks are made of stainless steel making it a joy to clean up after a big event. No matter how large or small your event is, we have you covered. And if you plan on using a caterer, they will be pleased to see how work-friendly our kitchen is.


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Murrayville Hall


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